Audubon Bird Bald Eagle
Audubon Bird Bald Eagle

Audubon Bald Eagle

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Audubon plush birds with their own unique bird calls!
Just a gentle squeeze is all you need to brighten your day!
Enjoyment for kids and adults alike!
Popular Audubon™ Plush Birds with real bird calls by Wild Republic®, a collection of original realistic plush beanbag birds with authentic sounds. These beanbag marvels are a perfect replica of the original species in the way they look and sound. Wild Republic, the toy brand of K&M International, Inc., has partnered with Audubon to create this line of genuine plush birds. Each bird's lifelike design and detailing is the result of input from Audubon. In addition, the authentic sound in each bird has been provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and represents hours, months and even years of extensive fieldwork conducted by expert recordists.
With such a wide variety and selection of designs, these birds are ideal for collecting by both children and adults. A gentle squeeze is all you need to brighten your day with their natural songs. These birds are so much more than just delightful showcase plush toys, the Audubon plush birds are also an excellent tool for learning about bird diversity, and awareness. Each plush bird includes an educational hang tag that provides information about its appearance, habitat, and diet.
Our plush Audubon Birds are made from only the best quality, all new kid-safe man made materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards. Surface washing is suggested.
Approximately 6"

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