12 Inch Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit
Bamboo Accents 12 Inch Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit

12 Inch Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit

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Bamboo Fountain Kit


12" Adjustable Spout


100% Natural Bamboo


Recirculating Pump


No Plumbing Required

Water Gardening Made Easy!

Gardeners love the idea of creating a beautiful water feature, but the reality is that they are often difficult, time consuming and expensive. Bamboo Accents water fountain kits are the perfect solution: in minutes, any container can be transformed into a custom fountain. The fountain kits are naturally appealing, displaying the charm of bamboo in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit nearly any bowl.

Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit

The attractive look and practical design of the adjustable spout makes it a wonderful accent. With their adjustable base, the spouts can be raised or lowered to achieve a perfect fit. This water feature generates more sound than other Bamboo Accents fountain kits, and can help mask traffic noise and other distractions. Available in four sizes: 7", 12", 18" and 24".

12” Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit 

Relax and rejuvenate with the soothing sounds of the Bamboo Accents 12-in. Adjustable Spout and Pump Fountain Kit. Designed so you can adjust it to your individual needs this elegant garden fountain can produce a fuller sound to drown out noise and minimize distractions or a softer soothing sound for a quiet space. This garden fountain is durably crafted of 100-percent natural unique solid bamboo that won’t splinter and is designed to last for years in your home. It also features a flat base for added stability and a low-lying spout that functions beautifully even in shallow pots.

Container sold separately

Dimensions: 17" x 8" x 3"

What Spout Size Do you Need?

Spout size refers to the horizontal length (the part that rests on the container) rather than the height. Since the spout should be placed close to the edge of the container, you will not need to measure the center. This table will give you an idea of which spout size you will need for each range of container sizes.











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