Birdsaver Hawk Decals Help Prevent Bird Strikes!
Birdsaver Hawk Decals Help Prevent Bird Strikes!

Birdsaver Window Hawk Silhouette Decal 6/Pack

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Window Hawk Silhouette


14 Inch Wingspan


Prevents Bird Collisions


Saves Bird Lives


For Home or Office
Prevent birds from flying into windows!
This re-usable black silhouette of a diving Sparrow Hawk is designed to both simulate a bird of prey and create a reflection break that reduces the number of birds that fly into windows. Made of static-cling vinyl. 14" wingspan. Package of 6 decals. Made in the USA!
Your decals are packaged in two envelopes (3 decals each) with 6 decals total.  
Dimensions: 14" wingspan
Made in the USA
Save $$ when you purchase a Decal 12/Pack or 24/Pack! Select at checkout

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