Bluebird Landing Live Product Guarantee

Bluebird Landing guarantees live delivery of your insect/worm order when the following conditions are met:
1) You provide us with correct shipping address information at time of ordering. This includes name, street address, city, postal code and phone number. Bluebird Landing is not responsible and does not guarantee shipments when delivery delays are caused by customers providing incorrect shipping information, or when packages are refused or returned for any reason.
2) You provide us with a valid email address when submitting your order, and email notifications sent to you from our store to this address must be deliverable and not blocked by spam e-mail filters. Bluebird Landing is not responsible and does not guarantee shipments when customers cannot be reached by email.
3) When someone is present to take delivery of your shipment.
4) When you have received the shipment and have not allowed the package to sit outside unattended e.g. on your porch or patio, left at an outside mailbox or gate, or inside a garage, carport or outbuilding exposed to cold or extremely warm temperature conditions.
5) That you accept each order as you cannot always determine their condition by outside appearance.
6) That you understand live insect feeders go into hibernation at below 55 degrees and you allow cold weather shipments at least 3-6 hours to warm-up at room temperature before passing judgment on their condition. The same "warm-up" period applies to live feeders whose condition may be affected by transport shock.

If after allowing proper warm up time there is a problem with your shipment, or there is significant damage (DOAs), you must immediately notify us by email the same day shipment is received for any replacement to be made. Provide us with detailed information about the condition of your shipment. Before a replacement is sent, we may request that you return the original shipment back to us for per our instructions. Customer is responsible for return shipping via USPS Priority Mail, and must provide us with a delivery confirmation number. Upon inspection, if an order qualifies for a full or partial replacement, a replacement is shipped only once. We do not refund live insect and worm orders.
Please note:  All live insect shipments contain 20% or more over counts to compensate for any dead on arrivals (DOAs) that may occur. We do not replace over count quantities. 
Live Insect/Bait Worm orders are non-returnable and non-refundable. No credit will be issued for any returns or package deliveries refused by customer.