Open 2-Side Bluebird House Package w/Pole Kit
Open 2-Side Bluebird House Package w/Pole Kit

Conservation Open 2-Side Bluebird House Package w/Pole Kit

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Open 2-Side Bluebird House


Package includes 2 Nest Boxes and 2 Pole Kits


Bluebird Box Opens on 2 Sides for Cleanout and Viewing


Constructed of Quality Eastern White Pine


All Components Made in the USA
Built with specifications in mind for Bluebirds!

Set of 2 Open 2-Side Observation Bluebird Houses with Poles, Mounting Flanges, Predator Guards and Blowfly Inhibitor Screens!

We make a habitat for every species of cavity nesting bird in North America. All of our products are correct for the species, easy to clean, well insulated and provide for the proper drainage. Every house includes an educational brochure specific to the species.

Watch the roosting habits of two bluebird families with the Conservation Open 2-Side Observation Bluebird House Package with Poles. This comprehensive kit provides all you need to mount, shelter, and monitor eastern bluebirds in your yard. The unique, Conservation Premium Two-Sided Observation Bluebird Houses are crafted specifically for eastern bluebirds, with a 1.5” diameter entrance hole and sturdy, wooden predator guard. One side of each home opens for cleaning, while the opposite side also opens, displaying a clear, Plexiglas panel underneath. This allows you to monitor nesting activity without disturbing the roosting birds. Metal, “L” shaped hooks help these panels remain closed, and the eastern white pine body forms lasting and natural roosts. The sloped roof on each protects the nests from the elements, while ventilation gaps beneath them keep the internal temperature comfortable for nestlings. Add the included Coveside Blowfly Inhibitor Screens to the interior of the homes, helping nests stay safe from parasites. The included Bluebird Mounting Adapters attach to the back or bottom of each shelter, for easily mounting them on the included Best 5-Piece Bluebird House Poles. The poles each have a ground socket, for installing into your soil, while their all metal construction ensures sturdiness. Offer eastern bluebirds two great nesting spots with the Open 2-Side Observation Bluebird House Package with Poles.

Kit Contents:

* 2 Conservation Premium Two-Sided Observation Bluebird Houses
* 2 Best 5-Piece Bluebird House Poles w/Ground Socket
* 2 Heavy Duty Bluebird House Mouting Flanges (top or side mount option)
* 2 Predator Guards
* 2 Conservation Blowfly Inhibitor Screens

Opening: 1.5? dia.
House Dimensions: 8.25?L x 5.5?W x 12.5?H
House Mounting: Mount on included pole
House Construction: Eastern white pine, Plexiglas
Pole Dimensions: 1" OD x 70.5"H Above Ground 

Note: Additional shipping charges may apply when purchasing in multiple quantities. Rates vary depending on pack size and destination zone.

Made in the USA

North American Bluebird Society Approved

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