All Red Color Attracts Hungry Hummers Like a Magnet!
All Red Color Attracts Hungry Hummers Like a Magnet!

Dr. JB's Clean 16oz Hummingbird Feeder All Red

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Nectar Protector Jr.
Said to be the BEST Hummingbird Feeder EVER!!
Finally... A Dishwasher Safe Hummingbird Feeder!
Introducing the new solution for cleaner feeders. Dishwasher safe (place all parts of the feeder in the top rack of the dishwasher). When using soap to hand wash the feeder, or when using a dishwasher, always follow up by rinsing with a mild bleach and water solution to rinse the parts before re-filling with sugar and water.
Unique 2 piece base. Innovative flow-control design. High-quality removable parts. Bee resistant inner base. Finally you can clean the inside of a hummingbird feeder. Wide mouth jar for easy cleaning and no mess when adding sugar and water. No drip design even in highwinds! Replacement petals available in yellow, teal, purple and red.
"This is the best new feeder to hit the market in years! Having been fortunate enough to test the feeder during the design stage, I consider it a huge success! In my opinion, it may just be the last hummingbird feeder that hummer lovers will ever have to purchase. It is worth every penny of the cost. It is a rugged beauty that the hummers love! I have 40 of your feeders hanging in my yard NOW!" - Bob Sargent (President, Hummer/Bird Study Group, Inc., and Master Bander), Trussville, Alabama.
Color: All Red
Dimensions: 8" x 7.75" x 7.75"
Dr. JB's Replacement Petals - Yellow, Teal, Purple, Red
Pack of 5 Replacement Petals - Yellow, Teal, Purple, Red available at checkout
Protect your feeder from Ants!
Nectar Protector Junior Red or Clear
Stop ants from reaching your Clean Hummingbird Feeder with our Nectar Protector Junior. Simply place the Nectar Protector between hanger and feeder and fill with water. Ants can't swim! Choose clear or red color. Available at checkout.
Both the Dr. JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder and Nectar Protector Junior are made in the USA!
Made in the USA

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