lluminarie Flower Pinwheel Stake Yellow
lluminarie Flower Pinwheel Stake Yellow

Illuminarie Flower Pinwheel Stake Yellow Set of 4

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Illuminarie Flower Pinwheel Yellow




Illuminating Glass Orb


Use in Garden, Flower Bed, Large Container


28" Tall, Set of 4 Pinwheel Stakes
Colorful and festive luminary garden stakes!

Liven up any outdoor landscape setting day or night!

Set of 4 
Illuminarie Flower Pinwheel Stakes Yellow!

Each stake is masterfully crafted with a delicate and intricate design!

Add vibrant color and motion to a flower bed, garden or large container with the Illuminarie Flower Pinwheel. Available in three exquisite colors, each model has a glass marble that forms the bud which contains luminescent crystals that absorb energy from the sun during the day and release that energy at night in the form of a soft green glow. The glow intensity will gradually fade over time, but may be visible for a few hours.  

6.25"W x 2.35"L x 27.88"H

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