Cry of the Loon CD
Cry of the Loon CD

Cry of the Loon CD

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Cry of the Loon CD


Authentic Recordings


Loons Sounds and More


Northern WI and MN


Makes a Nice Gift

The Cry of the Common Loon!

The haunting cry of the loon echoes softly across a calm, pristine northern lake, inviting you to relax and become one with nature. 

Features authentic nature sounds recorded during the morning, afternoon and evening on the secluded lakes of Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Loons, lapping lake, songbirds, night sounds, rain and thunder. Pure 100% nature sounds.

Produced by John Grout. Mixed and mastered at Infinity Studios.

1. Dawn 
2. Afternoon 
3. Thunderstorm 
4. Evening  


Made in the USA

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