Nuttery Helix Caged Seed Feeder
Nuttery Helix Caged Seed Feeder

Nuttery Helix Caged Seed Feeder

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Helix Seed Feeder


Nuttery Collection


Caged Bird Feeder


Stylish & Beautiful


Holds .88 lbs., 4 Ports
Helix Caged Seed Feeder... Style with Function!

Stylish and beautifully made, the Helix is designed to attract a wide variety of birds year round!

Feeder's outer cage allows smaller birds to feed, but keeps squirrels, larger birds, and predators out!

The helix is strong, beautifully designed and perfect for any setting. Featuring a lockable lid and ‘chaff’ catcher which helps prevent waste from falling onto the ground, it’s easy to fill and clean.

Enjoy birds frolicking around your garden and feeding from the Nuttery Helix Caged Seed Feeder. This remarkable unit brings fun geometry to your backyard, while providing songbirds a feeding haven. A central, 2.75” diameter seed tube holds .88 lbs. of mixed seed or safflower seeds, with four, reinforced ports for birds to dine with ease. 

A globe-inspired cage surrounds this seed tube, and its diagonal metal rods add bold shape to your backyard. The rectangular openings made by this globe allow only small birds to reach the seed, so your chickadees and finches can dine undisturbed. The reservoir empties completely thanks to the plastic baffle on its base, and drainage slots here help the seed remain dry and fresh. A perch beneath each port offers birds a resting spot, and the metal cap and base add strength and stability for a feeder you can use year after year. The soft green color of these parts enhances your yard, and contrasts the gray of the ports and frame. The lid locks closed for extra protection against squirrels, and a metal loop at its top allows the item to hang easily. Add a dynamic hint to your bird garden using the Helix Caged Seed Feeder.  

Birds that use this feeder include chickadees, finches, goldfinches, juncos, kinglets, nuthatches, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, titmice, woodpeckers, and wrens

Feed Options: cracked corn, mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, sunflower kernels, and sunflower seed

Capacity: .88 lbs.; 4 ports

Dimensions: 2.75” diameter seed tube, 10.25” diameter cage, 9.5”H

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