Faceted Glass Hummingbird Feeder Amethyst

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Wood Anti-Ant Moat
Beautiful amethyst glass for your hummer garden!

Brilliant color and contemporary, artistic look!
Handcrafted amethyst-colored blown glass nectar bottle with finely crafted copper base allows hummingbird to perch or hover while feeding through open cut sunlit ruby red flower ports.
The Faceted Amethyst glass hummingbird lantern is absolutely stunning! Made from imported French bottles, these jewels are unetched in order to create a sleek, contemporary look. The kiln-fired, colored glass is "lustered" giving each feeder an iridescent sheen that changes in the light.

This gorgeous hummingbird feeder will fill your outdoor habitat with a flash of color and the whimsical activity of feeding hummingbirds. Decorative as well as functional, this truly original glass and metal hummingbird feeder is sure to please as beautiful hummingbirds gracefully dart across your garden.

Easy to fill and clean, and leak free, this feeder measures approximately 13" tall and holds approximately 10 ounces of sweet hummingbird nectar. It comes in the box with a copper chain attached, ready to hang and start attracting hummingbirds to your yard. Comes with nectar recipe.

This would be a wonderful addition to your own backyard, or a great housewarming or other gift for someone special.

Features include:

*Handcrafted amethyst-colored blown glass nectar bottle with copper base
*Leak free, extremely durable, easy to clean and refill 
*lded base allows hummingbirds to land and feed out of multiple ports 
*13" Tall
*Patented design
*Holds approximately 10 ounces of sweet hummingbird nectar.
Optional Wood Anti-Ant Moat (Available at checkout)
This matching accessory for our Hummingbird Feeders is designed to keep sugar ants from reaching the nectar. A deep grove on the underside is filled with a sticky substance that sugar ants avoid crossing. It works!
Anti-Ant Moat

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