Cobalt Blue Hummingbird Lantern Feeder
Cobalt Blue Hummingbird Lantern Feeder

Hummingbird Lantern Feeder Cobalt Blue

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Wood Anti-Ant Moat (optional)


Hummingbird Lantern Feeder


Cobalt Blue Non-Etched Glass Bottle


Brass and Redwood Base & Top


12" Tall, Holds 14 oz. Nectar


Made in the USA
Beautiful glass hummingbird lantern feeders!

Artfully simple, these artistic feeders are non-etched in order to create a sleek, contemporary look. The shimmering kiln-fired glass has an iridescent sheen. Available in our deeply rich, eye catching range of hues. 

Add a majestic feeder to your yard with the Cobalt Blue Hummingbird Lantern Feeder. The classic shape and traditional construction make this feeder a timeless addition to your garden, while its soft purple color adds a delicate hint. The bottle style glass reservoir holds 14 ounces of nectar, and its wonderful hue enhances nearby flowers. Its kiln fired, luster finish adds iridescence, bringing exciting shine to the piece. A brass disc at the base furthers this shine, and three feeding ports here allow a few birds to dine at once. A wooden cap and base complete the feeder, and a metal chain at the top of the item enables you to hang it from a hook in moments. Remove the reservoir from the base to refill or clean it, for use all season. Add stately elegance to your backyard using the Cobalt Blue Hummingbird Lantern Feeder. These make wonderful gifts for the hummingbird enthusiast! These make wonderful gifts for the hummingbird enthusiast. Made in the USA.  

Features include:

• Imported French Glass Feeder Bottle 
• Brass and Redwood Base 
• Lathed Redwood top 
• Dimensions: 12" tall 
• Capacity: 14 ounces of sweet nectar 
• Easy to fill and clean, leak free 
• Copper chain attached to redwood top 
• Made in the USA

Optional matching Wood Anti-Ant Moat available at checkout.  This matching accessory for the Hummingbird Lantern is designed to keep sugar ants from reaching the nectar. A deep groove on the underside is filled with a sticky substance that sugar ants won't cross. It works! 

Dimensions: 4"L x 4"W x 12"H

Made in the USA

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