Songbird Brushed Copper Roof Seed Log Feeder w/16" Weather Baffle
Songbird Brushed Copper Roof Seed Log Feeder w/16" Weather Baffle

Songbird Brushed Copper Roof Seed Log Feeder w/16" Weather Baffle

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Brushed Copper Roof Suet/Seed Log Feeder


Vinyl Coated Caged Bird Feeder


Includes 16" Brushed Copper Weather Baffle


Dispense Standard Suet or Seed Logs


Attract a Wide Variety of Birds

Attract colorful songbirds to your backyard with suet or seed logs!

Our Songbird Copper Roof Suet/Seed Log Feeder's wire cage allows for multiple birds to feed at the same time. Ready to hang, easy to fill and clean. Weather durable metal construction with black vinyl coated cage. Roof has a brushed copper finish. Measures 8" x 8" x 12". Perfect for using with standard size suet and seed logs. The Songbird Copper Roof Suet Log Feeder is a must have for attracting suet loving backyard birds including cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice finches, warblers, wrens, kinglets, mockingbirds and others who like to cling to the cylinders or perch while feeding.

Fruit, Berry & Nut Seed Log shown sold separately 

Feeder Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 12"

Includes our 16" Brushed Copper Weather Block Baffle for Extra Protection!

Helps keep bird seed dry and fresh!

Prevents squirrels from reaching the feeder!

Our 16 inch Weather Block Baffles are perfect for protecting a majority of hanging feeders from inclement weather. Serves as a squirrel deterrent baffle. Protects feeder and seed from both squirrels and weather. Easy to assemble. All hardware included. All metal construction with durable weather resistant powdercoated brushed copper finish.

Assembly Instructions: 1. Tighten the #8 locknut at the end of the threads on the #8 eyebolt. 2. Hold the loop at the top of the baffle and screw the #8 eyebolt through the dome into the loop. 3. To hook the feeder to the dome, hold feeder at an angle to slip eyebolt of feeder over eyebolt of dome.

Baffle Dimensions:
 16"L x 16"W x 6"H

Note: Ships dimensionally oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone.

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