Select Cedar Wood Duck House
Select Cedar Wood Duck House

Select Cedar Wood Duck House

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Wood Duck Nest Box


All Cedar Construction


Includes Wood Shavings


3"x4" Opening


Made in the USA

Sized just right for nesting Wood Ducks!

Cedar Select Wood Duck Box - Wood Duck Nest Box with a 3-inch by 4-inch entrance and 1 bag of wood shavings. Comes with placement instructions. Has side opening for observing and easy clean out. Stainless screen on inside of front opening for young birds learning to exit. This house comes with shavings because normally these birds do not bring anything but feathers to the nest. All houses need to be cleaned out before the next season starts. We suggest doing it in the spring so the birds can roost in them during the winter.

This Wood Duck Box is constructed out of quality western red cedar. Hand sanded and assembled with stainless steel and dichromate plated screws. Handcrafted in the USA! 


* Wood Duck Box with a 3" x 4" entrance and 1 bag of wood shavings
* Hand sanded, assembled with stainless steel and dichromate screws
* All western red cedar construction
* Handcrafted in the USA

Dimensions: 10.5" x 13" x 24'H; 3" x 4" oval entrance hole

Build a Wood Duck Nest Box Trail! Save $$ when you purchase multiple nest boxes. Discount given at checkout.

Note: Dimensionally oversized. Additional freight charges may apply depending on order size and destination zone.

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