Tree Frog and Toad Houses

Our Deluxe Recycled Poly Tree Frog House is a perfect place for your chirpy neighbors to call home. Nearly 30 species of tree frogs live in the United States and Southern Canada. This Tree Frog House is designed to attract tree frogs by providing a moist, secure resting location. The Tree Frog House contains an interior water reservoir that provides the moisture the frogs need to survive. Hang this house 4-6 feet on the side of a post, tree, or building. Place the house near an outdoor light source for best results. Fill with water after hanging. The holes in the roof will allow rain water to fill the reservoir which cannot overfill due to the special draining system. Tree frogs will typically emerge from the house right before dark and rest in the house during daytime. Several frogs may use the house at the same time. This quality Deluxe Tree Frog House is made of eco-friendly recycled poly lumber material and will never crack, split or fade! Proudly made in the USA!
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Recycled Poly Tree Frog House
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Stonecasted Toad House Statue Buff
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Ceramic Toad House Green
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