Classic Whirligig Propeller Wing Set

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Whirligig Design
Replacement propeller for your Classic Whirligig!

Quality crafted in the USA by skilled artisans!

This wing set propeller is designed for the Classic Whirligigs that have wings (bird or bug), claws (lobster), paddles (kayaker), or arms (mermaid) on either side of the whirligig. They measure approximately 15" to 19.5" in length depending on the whirligig design. Price is for one replacement propeller set. Handcrafted and hand-painted. Made in the USA!

Each wing set will include two propellers (wing, claw, paddle, arms) that match a specific whirligig design. When checking out your order you will need to specify which whirligig design you want, for example; Winged Blue Jay, Ladybug, Kayaker Red, etc. 

Whirligig sold separately
Made in the USA

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